There is something very endearing
about long shadows
May be it is because of the time
of it’s occurence.

Early mornings, when the whole day,
with all its possibilities, is ahead of you
and evenings, when your day is done and
it is almost time to relax.

It is like taking a deep breath and
stretching yourself to ease.

The seconds move in slow motion
and you start to notice the everyday
in a whole new light.

Suddenly you are so much more aware
of all that surrounds you
Your consciousness expands,
encompassing this new layer
to your reality.

You gather some weight and
descend deeper into
a warm yellow glow fading into
a cool comfortable sleep.

It is a beautiful winter day
Morning came with extreme chill
as if one, unwilling to let go
of the warmth of the blanket

The day brought in the sun
who has been reluctant
after a long hard toil through summer
sparing only a few hours
from its time off
Thus, the shadows stayed at an incline
It’s like everyone is unwilling
to get off their recliners or beds

The few hours that the sun let off
brought so much cheer
The grass feels fresh
The air crisp and light
The light plays with shadows
in ever so creative forms
The dogs and the drivers
hiding under and inside others cars
in the previous season
are now occupying the best spots

Now the evening is here
and the sun is retreating fast

From my corner
I can see the long shadows
pulling the curtain down
on a beautiful winter day
making me feel desperate
for having missed another chance
to catch a little more warmth
before its cold and dark again.

time travellingAfter several years
I wore a wrist watch
Now everytime i glance
towards my wrist
i am transported
to my days at school,
when wearing a watch
was a mark of growing up
same as having a moustache
Like unofficial badges of manhood

Now everytime I glance
towards my wrist
I travel time.