It is a beautiful winter day
Morning came with extreme chill
as if one, unwilling to let go
of the warmth of the blanket

The day brought in the sun
who has been reluctant
after a long hard toil through summer
sparing only a few hours
from its time off
Thus, the shadows stayed at an incline
It’s like everyone is unwilling
to get off their recliners or beds

The few hours that the sun let off
brought so much cheer
The grass feels fresh
The air crisp and light
The light plays with shadows
in ever so creative forms
The dogs and the drivers
hiding under and inside others cars
in the previous season
are now occupying the best spots

Now the evening is here
and the sun is retreating fast

From my corner
I can see the long shadows
pulling the curtain down
on a beautiful winter day
making me feel desperate
for having missed another chance
to catch a little more warmth
before its cold and dark again.

They seem to have travelled quite a distance
with a trembling stead and a weary disposition
They are holding each other by the arm and
going somewhere in the vicinity

Even at the dusk of their lives
they seem so in love
so comfortable with eachother
so singular together

Beautiful two!

It makes me think
how complete is this number
how sufficient!

One will always be lonely
stiff and seemingly unfriendly
Where two, lovely
flexible and so amiable

Numbers have always had
a lot of significance for us
from auspicious marriage dates
to a healthy bank balance
but looking at them
i guess no number
possibly be more beautiful
than the number “two”.

(This was written seeing this really old couple who every now and then come across walking together in the locality I stay in.)










O’ gentle breeze
keep coming round this way

Your touch is so loving
that it makes me sway

I stretch my arms
so i can feel you all the way

Please stay!
Please stay!

I am in love with you
and can’t live without you, a day!

Dry leaves falling on the road















It has been so tiring
Long hours i have been standing
Though the Sun has not been shining,
today, the temperature seems
to be forever rising

My back is breaking and
so is my head

Oh, so frustrating
looks this mess on the road
The city dweller in me not seeing
the beauty in this scene, of Spring time
and strewn dry leaves all around
Looking so pleasant
These leaves blowing around
falling aground

This momentous expression of Nature
shadowing all the filth around
offers an oasis of some
grace and calm.



There is a caravan of ants
running along this edge of a wall
in my house. 

They look so intense
moving along briskly in one line.
They seem to have a motive!
Do they have a motive? 

None of them seem to waiver.
Are they meant to do something
in their life that is part of 
something consequential or
something larger than their tiny existence?

They seem very focused.
Do they have families and friends and
the fear of leaving someone behind in that line?

They are not around always;
I have forever seen them moving.
Do they have anything in their life 
that is permanent?

Standing and staring I realize some of them 
asking me as to what is my purpose?
What is permanent in my life?

If nothing is permanent 
then what is it that is 
making them run perpetually?
Is it food? Is it the community or the family?
Is it the fear of being left behind? Is it love?
Or is it the search for answers 
to these very questions in permanence?