lockers at the DT Cinemas in Saket

lockers at the DT Cinemas in Saket

While entering the DT Cinema at the DLF Place Mall, a few days back, i was pleasantly surprised to notice the usual lockers at the entrance had got some painting done on it. It turned out that some sensible person decided to paint the directions for locking and unlocking the lockers on them and that too next to the keyhole.

Even though the eventual application of the thought wasn’t very aesthetically done, at least it felt nice to see some design thinking being applied to solve a problem, irrespective of its not so large implication on the overall smooth running of the systems in place when it comes to signage and communication.

In the times that i have been to the paticular cinema, i have somehow always found it difficult to find out where which audi is. Obviously, one figures out soon enough where they are exactly but it is not intuitive or right there in front of you to not even think for a moment for having to look for it.

Nonetheless, a nice little development which gave me some bit of happiness.