fascination or love

anisha_collageIt hasn’t been too long
But some time
I realised that this feeling of love
has been more of a fascination
than an emotion

You too, fascinated me
with your innocent smile
your southern accent, and
the perfect Patiala you wore that day
You fascinated me with your stories
of growing up, and
your zeal to break the norms
To one day be your own master

But fascination is not love
and I realised it when you would
forget your key at home or
leave the light on

The fascination faded away
when I would arrange and
you would scatter

But as fascination faded away,
I found love

I found love
in the ease of your smile
the innocence in your eyes
the honesty in those cries
in the emotion behind that postcard
in the trust of your embrace
in the absolute joy I could see in you
when you broke into a dance
knowing, we were getting the house painted

So this struggle of mine, to make your portrait
I realise, the fault is all mine
I need to get better in drawing
I’ve got to try a little harder
not be complacent but
humble, rather.

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