Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Sun dips down the horizon
The tide pulls out
The time rolls on

Life moves on
from one moment to another
in the hope
that another day awaits
beyond the horizon

I collect every moment
Count every step
Every breath of yours
falling on me,
stays with me
in those moments of silence
when I ache to listen to you

I stop in my place
as the moment passes on
in my silence with you.


I have shuttled between
being alone and among people

I have wondered
what it would be
to live completely isolated

I have read of people
spending time alone in the cold,
among the tall trees or
sometimes beyond them

People finding peace
under the gaze of a countless stars

Realising their minuteness
amongst the vastness of the wilderness

Feeling fulfilled with
the least in the world

But sitting here alone
in the hullabaloo of the cafe
I feel a strange uneasiness on being alone