Monthly Archives: May 2013

That girl in the blue tunic
She stood there in the middle of,
not just men and women
not just their inhuman metallic carriages
but their illogical degenerating minds

It was like a humongous mechanical contraption, malfunctioning
Its levers and parts
going in every direction
with no regard to the collective functioning
of that machinery, they are part of

I was there too
like a broken piece of metal
protruding from the center of
this civic breakdown

No I wasn’t truly a part of it
I wasn’t there in one of those
huge petrol guzzling monsters
I happened to be there in the middle
in the smallest of those creatures

I was just a passenger
I swear!
I didn’t do anything!
I didn’t do anything at all!

But that is what hurts me the most
Not as much the decadent insanity
of those people there

I did absolutely nothing!
I just sat there like everyone else
waiting for the machine
to start crawling again

In that hopeless moment
I too became a part of
the decadence in display

But she appeared there
out of her metallic shell
like the fairy godmother
of children’s tales and
started putting the pieces
of the rotting machinery
back into their place

She did magic!
She gave all of them hope
But she also gave me misery

She made me realise
at least for as long as the end
of this prose
that I was too, decaying
in the middle of
that modern day hell;
that I did nothing at all

I feel miserable again
for I know that
I may never have
the same conviction and
be as uninhibited as she was

I feel so weak
But why should I?
Is it because it was she and not
a man in a blue shirt
Am I too, like most men
who cannot handle a woman
putting us in our place?

She is still there
in front of my eyes
taking charge of the situation and
easing the traffic
while I just sat in the auto
cursing everyone around.

When I see grass growing
between the tiles on a pavement

When there are leaves and flowers
strewn across the streets
with the breeze ever so gently
tugging at them

I feel this world is still alive

When your heart lets out
a hint of a smile on your lips

When your eyes tell me
you are not sure
that you may be vulnerable
but you are determined

You know you are still living

When your heart is heavy and
even with every resolve it is sinking
further down
but you are willing to stand tall

When your voice is not loud enough and
your name is not big enough
but you still pour your heart into it

You know you have tried

When the years will have had gone by
and we will still be alive
with wrinkles numbering
all the different paths we had taken

We will know we have lived.

The silence of the night is so still
It seems like a motionless lake
with all that is deep within, coming afloat

It presses hard against my ears

Even though everything is immobile
I seem to be able to hear sounds from a distance
or is my reluctantly awake mind, making it up?

My movements have also slowed down
as if I may just disturb this calm

Oh, these dogs!
They ruin this stillness of the night
Do they not like it?
Are they also scared of the dead of the night?

My senses tell me I should be fast asleep
but this silence keeps my eyes open with
a certain gravity, I am not aware of

It almost seems I am floating in the air
or rather no air

My eyes slowly move
I fear it may break the magic of the night
I look at the clock on my phone and
suddenly all is gone
It is time to fall asleep.