Monthly Archives: May 2012

When i was little
i used to draw partly because i liked to and
partly because my Granddad gave me
a rupee to treat myself to some sweets.

I knew not what was creativity
or more so how to be creative.
I just drew!

I grew up to see myself in a design school
where supposedly they teach you design.
In today’s time one does need to learn
how to be creative or else you will be jobless.

There i learnt that i was a certain designer
But i despised the word for it was so overrated.

I moved on to be a creative, thinking it sounded simpler
and that not many people are crowding around it.

But now it seems i need to find another word
for we all need to tie up to something.

Even though we have a face
we need to paste it with all the necessary keywords
that can be searched by the Google crawlers.
At the end we are only a set of keywords or
more appropriately we live up to our keywords.

Rhetoric aside, i think it is time to find another term
to describe myself.

Where do these steps go?
Some long, some short
But still intrigue a lot

They take me up
They take me down

They tire me out
They excite me how

Like an ode to the mountains
They spice up the landscape

Sometimes winding around houses and
cliffs with a curious twist
Sometimes end in just few steps,
that’s all!

With no ergonomical features
They still lighten the trail
like the prayer of a pilgrimage

They draw me in to explore and
wander off in their labyrinthine beauty
always making me wonder what lies up or below

But surely there lies some adventure
Some little waterfall or a small village
A small dhaba or a peaceful corner
Another staircase but never a dead-end.

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