Monthly Archives: November 2011

Up above on the far away cloud
I want to live
There is so much on the ground,
so many people, so many buildings,
so much speed, so much!

The clouds are still empty
So let me quietly take refuge
on a tiny speck
This would be just enough
to make a little space
to lie down and rest
A place to sit down and draw
and a little space to
sit and watch the world go by
Or rather I should say
Watch the world as the clouds go by

I will sail through the skies
like being on a carpet that flies
I will pick up the stories
and tales alike
There is a lot of time
as the clouds float by
so I will spend my days
drawing, writing and reading
all the books that I missed
but I like

Yes darling, I will miss you a lot
So I will make paper planes
of all my drawings and thoughts
Will wait for the wind
Will measure the flight
The moment it looks up to you
I will let them fly

Up in the sky
I will listen to the birds
sing and sigh
They will bring me messages
and gifts a like
I will invite them for lunch
sing songs and chit chat
When the night comes
I will ask the moon
to sit with me and tell me stories
marvel at our view of all the fireflies
and wake me up on time
when the sun shines.

Love again seems to be falling
on me like soft mist
Covering me from everywhere
slowly seeping into my skin
Making me feel its presence

Its chill makes me realise
that I am alive and I can feel

It wants me to cover myself
and relish this feeling
that promises to stay with me
all the time

Like the traditions that
have altered through the ages
but have stuck around

It promises to stay with me
underneath my skin
Deep inside
Growing and nourishing
the feeling
till my skin turns the same colour
as the ground.