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We all are witnessing the erratic changes in the climate and we all are and will be affected by this scary transformation of our one and only planet. Thus, it is our responsibilty to push for our governments to take appropriate steps towards reducing and possibly in future  retracting Climate Change. Please register online and vote for your Earth.

It was five in the evening and I was expecting for a cup of tea to arrive anytime now.  It’s a kind gesture on the part of this firm towards all its employees. They used to get a serving of tea thrice in a day. Something all of them or at least some of them used to take as a welcome break. Well, for me tea is like an addiction because of which I guess I am forced to write this article of sorts. 

I am being forced by my utter frustration and shock at the current economic recession that has taken its toll on people and organizations all around us. There have been bankruptcies, layoffs, difficulties in getting jobs and then that leading to people committing suicides. These are difficult times as professed by several biggies of the Economic World and it really seems to be so. 

Still, what is really curious is the incident that has made me write this and the incident itself. In fact, I can’t seem to come to terms with Recession having hit a simple and daily affair as drinking/serving tea. I know that it has affected many lives to the extent that some of them have even been lost. But they were bigger issues which had bigger consequences and not something as everyday as the act of drinking tea. 

Organisations have had to take drastic steps to help save their funds from crashing. Individuals have also started taking measures to ensure their spending does not go beyond their means. But does that mean that they will start bathing twice in a week so that they save up on the expenses on soaps or will they start eating two meals in a day so that they don’t spend too much? 

These are some basic things or consumptions one does everyday which makes life worth living on a daily basis. What else are we earning all this money for? These testing times definitely mean that we need keep a check on our expenses but what are these expenses that need to be looked into? Definitely not an expense as basic as the one on drinking tea. 

I have come to realize, as a lot of us must have too, that most of the Recession talk is nothing but an excuse to not pay up or not give appropriate monetary benefit to individuals, workers or professionals who really put their sweat into their everyday toil. 

We hear of executives at large corporations getting big bucks and fat bonuses at a time where the same firms are laying off their junior employees. It is surely a case of fill in my pocket for I should not suffer; the rest is policy matters (laying off employees). This is a basic problem we face in today’s society, where there is no sense of collective responsibility. We as individuals try and protect our own families from difficult times (currently Recession) but isn’t as a head of an organization, one responsible to also safeguard the interests of its employees? They are too or at least should be treated as a larger family that is serving a larger purpose. 

In a recent article in a leading print daily, it was mentioned that how the lives of the heads of most of the large corporations haven’t seem to be affected by the current downturn. They are still living as lavishly, gifting as open heartedly and cutting jobs of junior employees as nonchalantly as anything. 

As a matter of fact, Recession has not hit India (thankfully) as bad as it has on the western side of the planet. But still we hear it all the time with a thunderous bolt threatening to break our sustenance. The situation is such that one does not have any idea as to if someone talking about Recession having affected their business, is really true. 

Its affects are seen more on the lower end of the society and on freshers trying to seek a living by either looking for a job or starting independently on a smaller scale. I have also realized that with most of the employers it has become a ready excuse to negate issues like pay hikes, leave applications or any other possible occurrences where they might have to shell out a little extra money. They look for all possible, sometimes ridiculous ways (the missing tea) to drill into the psyche of their employees that this monster of a downturn has really taken a devastating toll on their pockets so that there are no questions raised. 

This brings me to the question I seem to face a lot of times myself and especially with everyone talking of Recession all around me that can I make it on my own? Sometimes in frustration of all this talk I feel this sudden push of motivation to make it no matter what but then sometimes it is just a sulk. 

In any case, my hopes for a five o’ clock tea was shattered when I went and checked with the cook and was told that the Boss has asked to serve tea only twice in a day. That really makes me wonder as to how much of a difference will it make to the funds of the organization by curtailing on the serving of tea from thrice to twice a day. Thus, the case of the Missing Tea really makes me curious as to what steps should I take now to ensure myself from being dastardly affected by this Capitalist monster called Recession. It sounds like a killer thriller, isn’t it?